Sunday, September 21, 2008

home school mamas unite

Could the weekend have been any busier? Probably not. Hence the multiple posts.
And tons of pictures. :-)
I need to learn how to upload videos using You Tube, too. Some of the videos of us playing Gestures are just priceless. One of the best videos is Tina's futile effort to act out "wheelchair." After Kat guessed "constipation," that round was pretty much shot. No one could see through the tears of laughter.

Put a group of homeschool moms together, without the kids, and things can get a little crazy. ;-)

Cathy and Laura were our fabulous speakers on Saturday.
Here I am, with Kat and Tina. We were the "Retreat Committee."
Lots of work, but well worth it.
During the games, Kat decides to sneak up and strangle Suzanne.
Or at least, that's what it looks like...
Our very own talented Tab did the worship music for us. Her voice is amazing!!!

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