Tuesday, September 23, 2008

While Mommy is away, the grandparents and kids will play.

On the first day of my retreat, my folks helped hubby out by taking the three older kids out of town to the aquarium. This was their second time to go, and they loved it. Just seeing the pictures my Mom took reminds me of the wonderful summers I had in California.
Someday, Lord willing, I want to take them all to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. How I love that place!

Dash watches the sting rays swim by.

The Naturalist waits for the scuba diver to appear and feed the sharks.

The three kids ride a stony-faced gator. The Nature Man, of course, goes in for a better look!

Can any child resist sand?


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they could go out for some fun.

Ann-Marie said...

Ditto on the great pics!