Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Duck on a Bike

Excuse the messy playroom and shiny nose. ;-) My Oldest was snapping some pictures of me, because she was so taken with the goofiness. Yes, give me a book or some crazy music, and my drama comes out!
Starts out calmly enough...I love his smiles and giggles when the story grabs his interest!
(and, yes, my kid used ricrac to tie a chopstick to his hand. Hmm)
Okay, okay, you caught me. I LOVE this silly little book!

I've always enjoyed the David Shannon books.
In fact, I thought of making a personalized "Oh David!" book for my third son. Seems fitting.
Check out his books, if you haven't seen them.

What beautiful eyes you have, my toddler boy.
No worries, that's bread that he's shoving in his mouth.
Man, look at how big my 3-year old is. (sniff) The time goes by so fast! I still try to hold my 11- and 9-year olds, when I can grab them in a hug, in passing. ;) Seems like only yesterday that I was waiting for my first child to say her first word.
Ah, good times. And more to come.


Soaring High said...

Precious Moments!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Love the expressions! haha! Also the chopstick tied to Oli's hand is hilarious. It's really smart actually; I mean, you never know when you might need a chopstick.