Sunday, September 19, 2010

While he was sick and lay a-bed...

My little Mr. Dash was very sick with a stomach bug from Wednesday night until Saturday. Seeing as how Fred just switched jobs, and we're currently without medical insurance, for the first time in our married life, I was doing my best to play doctor and nurse to my little guy. I figured, as long as I could keep him hydrated and get his fever down, we'd be okay. It's not like he'd need an antibiotic to treat a stomach bug anyway. No reason to medicate when he just needed rest and fluids.
(Just so you know, I wouldn't have hesitated to bring him in, if I thought there was a real need. We would have paid out of pocket, if necessary.)

Well, I did manage to keep him hydrated, through popsicles and vitamin drinks. And, thanks to Tylenol chewables and children's ibuprofen, we were able to keep that pesky fever at bay most of the time. The next line of business was to keep a very sick little boy occupied, when he was awake. We drew pictures, and played with little army men (which brought back very fond memories of my Papaw reading The Land of Counterpane by Robert Louis Stevenson, when I was a kid.)

While Dash was sleeping the hours away on Friday, the other kids and I decided to make him a paperdoll of himself.

Then we posed the doll in the flowers, above the couch where he was sleeping, and waited for him to wake up and notice.

He liked it. :-)
score for us!

As you can see, he was feeling much, MUCH better by Saturday evening!!

This video was taken after Fred spent half an hour playing "Crack the Egg" and the "1-2-3 Game." These kids totally wear us out!!!

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Soaring High said...

Poor little guy! Cute idea!

amandab said...

We've had the stomach bug here this week too, thankfully for only a day and a half, so it has been a little quiet (until today when Princess felt better, but Mumma not so).

What a great little gift to make! I am sure it was as big a smile as he could muster when he saw it :D

jenny said...

Who wouldn't want a mini model of themselves to play with :) It makes me giggle.