Friday, September 3, 2010

Studying creatures, the CM way

I've mentioned several times before, that we love the Charlotte Mason method, and try to incorporate it with every subject. The vast majority of our read-alouds are biographies, historical fiction, and other "living books."

For science study, we do go through a regular text, as well as using reference books like The Handbook of Nature Study...but I feel free to veer off at any time, based on what we discover. With fall fast approaching, we're spending more and more time outside, and finding new creatures every day. Why spend the day studying about evaporation, when we have a butterfly to look up and learn about? Sometimes LIFE, not the book, dictates the lessons.

This is a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta). Beautiful, right? The kids held the butterfly, watched it, read about it, drew pictures of it.
Red Admirals are considered to be people-friendly butterflies that will approach and perch on human beings. (University of Michigan Museum of Zoology) Well, that's the truth! This beauty came right over and picked Ethan out of the crowd.
Also, they prefer sap on trees, fermenting fruit, and bird droppings; visiting flowers only when these are not available. (Moths and Butterflies of North America)

I have to say, again, that I love homeschooling. I LOVE having my kids with me every day. I love watching them learn and discover, pursue their interests, and take extra time on something that really excites them.
(Remind me that I said all this, when we're trapped in the house together during the frigid months this winter.)

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