Sunday, September 12, 2010

Modge Podge Shoes!

When I get serious about an evening refocus (from preoccupied, tired house-pick-up to BaBoom Craft Rejuvenation!) I don't waste much time. :-D

I saw modge podged SHOES here at Modge Podge Rocks, and dashed to my closet to find a suitable pair for experimentation. Flats might have worked better, but these were all I could come up with, on short notice.
Once upon a time, I wore these pumps with my navy sailor-type dress. As you can see, though, the toes were wearing out.

I simply grabbed some material, cut it slightly larger than I needed (semi-followed these steps at Make It & Love It, except that I had to cut separate pieces for the toes and heels) and thickly modge podged it on.

The shoes are a bit stiffer than I expected, but should wear in fairly soon (actually, in these pictures, the outside wasn't even completely dry-- should've waited just a bit longer, and I need to take my exacto knife around the edges, for a smoother finish.)

Best of all, I used OUTDOOR modge podge, so they'll be suitable for things like this...

Well, kinda suitable.

I do almost anything in a skirt and heels... remember the horseback riding pictures? ;-)

Yay! I feel the juices flowing again. Quick, hand me some paints! Send me some links, share some ideas! Get your craft on!


sara's art house said...

LOVE the shoes!

Hanging with the Rhinehart's said...
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Hanging with the Rhinehart's said...

Oh Wendy, these are amazing. Wow, so beautiful! I love modge podge. I use it A LOT in my scrapbook things. I actually am trying to find a wooden mini dress form so I can modge podge it and decorate it. I have a pair of shoes I got a few months back at a yard sale and had the thought run through my mind to modge podge them, but I got too scared. You've totally inspired me to try it (if you don't mind). I'm sure mine won't turn out 1/2 as good as yours, but girlie yours are just gorgeous. You inspire me every day!!!
Love ya and miss ya'll!!

Shelly said...

The shoes Rock! You are darling!

Anonymous said...

These are great! I have some similar shoes, a bit more chunky, that I'm thinking I should pay you to put some cute fabric on - love yours, but not sure I have anything in those colors. Love it!

- sd

kate said...

I'm thinking using scrap book paper would be so much thinner than fabric, and wonder if that would work better? Easier to smooth any folds or wrinkles out.

Living Creatively said...

Thanks, guys. Brook, absolutely-- that's why I post projects! Please feel free to copy any idea on here. Happy Crafting!

Kate, I agree. For these hard and smooth shoes, paper probably would have worked better. I have several fabric, ruffly flats, and material would adhere and move more naturally with those. Live and learn. I may try paper next! :-)

Just what are those Woods up to? said...