Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leaf Garlands & Firepit Fall Days

My NatureBoy brought in as many different leaves as he could find in the yard. Seeing as how we only have ONE tree, I was thoroughly impressed that he came in with SEVEN different leaves!
The kids did leaf shadings with crayons...

Next, they cut the shapes out and stapled them onto a long piece of yarn, to hang a leaf garland in the kitchen. Then I left my kitchen sink looking like I could go do this...
We played kickball, started a fire in the firepit and roasted marshmallows, and then read books by the crackling warmth.
Ah, fall is here again.
~~Sweatshirts and boots, scarves and hoodies, hot soups and fresh-baked bread, warm fires and snuggly children.~~
I'll do my dishes on the next rainy day. ;)


Anonymous said...

Proud of you for leaving the dishes!! - sd

Anna K. said...

Love the leaf garland! I may have to pass that idea along to my dad who teaches 1st grade. ;o)

My mom would often tell me that the dirty dishes could wait for a while...playing and enjoying my boys was more important!

Anonymous said...

I love the garland too. We used to do leaf rubbings every year & put them in the windows. I never thought about a garland!

Now we do more 'grown up' fall decorating since we're pretty much all adults here. I'm planning to go down the road today with Joel & cut grasses for sheaves to decorate my porch. We've done that a few years now & love how beautiful they are as they dry.

Love, love your blog! Jenny

Soaring High said...

hmmmmmm....contented sigh!