Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We truly had big things to celebrate this Labor Day. My sweet Man got a new job last week. Hallelujah!! And, after working for two days, he had a 4-day holiday weekend. What a nice way to get started!

This year we truly wanted to get away, from housework, anxieties, responsibilities...good and bad things that draw our attention away from spending time together. We already spend a LOT of time together, walking, reading, and playing games. But the day trips really build memories, and give us sufficient time to talk to each of the kids at length.

Must note-- while we were packing up for our day trip, my folks were participating in the annual Run for a Child 10K. Way to go, guys!! My parents are such an inspiration!

We set off this morning, not quite as bright and early as we had hoped, for the Boston Mountains of the Ozark... heading straight for Artist Point. Had to make a quick stop at my sister's house first, to borrow shoes for The Artist Child. Apparently her feet have had a major growth spurt and now she has NO shoes that will fit her well. Yeah, she jumped to a women's size 8 overnight!!

Annnyway, we got a late start, and it took us about an hour to get to our destination, with GPS help.

Artist Point Gift Shop/ Museum/ Look Out, near the trail head.

I love hummingbirds!

This huge cockatoo totally ran the joint, and squawked at us every time we moved.

Ready to start the journey

The trail winded down, down, down... in places very overgrown, hard to stay on course. There were two downed trees in our path, and the footing became very steep in several spots. It was certainly the most challenging hike that we've brought the kids along for.

butterfly and moth catching

spending time with froggie friends

observing a big basking lizard, before it freaked out and hid under a rock

Now, this was something new for me--flying bugs (I'll have to look it up and get back to you) with conjoined tails!
They flew off, together of course, and landed on this branch. So odd!!

Nearly 13 years of marriage, 4 kids, and still enjoying every day that we get to spend in the woods together.

Rest/ Snack/Water Break

Over the hills and through the woods...
snake skins...

This is my kind-of Nature Notebooking. Find it, photograph it, sketch it, look it up, and learn about it!
Last leg of the journey upwards... only 302 steps to go. I know.

LittleLad was exhausted by then, and I ended up carrying him most of those last few hundred steps, counting each time I lifted my foot. I've done the Hundred Stairs workout before, but never with a kid on my back! And this was after 4 hours of hiking. Phew. Talk about tough.

Can't. Walk. Another. Step. So. Exhausted.
poooooooor Dash! He started dramatically flopping back and forth with each step, towards the end. ;-) My child, the actor.

YAY!!! They made it!
(Look at those red cheeks!)

I hope this view gives you an appreciation for the distance ALL the way down...
and all the way back UP again.

driving -through- the Ozarks
This was a Labor Day we aren't likely to forget anytime soon!
What did you do?
Hope yours was just as memorable!

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Mom of 5 said...

Lets see if I can remember everything after reading that post.

1) congratulations on your husband's new job! That is wonderful!

2) MY daughter's feet are growing so fast too! Shoes I just bought a couple of months ago are way too small. The good news she is the same size as my MIL, so she has been giving her shoes.

3)Wow, I am proud of your kids for making that hike! We just walked on level ground through the woods for a mile, and our kids were whining and complaining like crazy!

4) You saw some really neat things along the way...I love letting the kids learn that way!