Saturday, September 11, 2010

peaceful days

I've been spending a lot of time outside with the kids, hiking with friends, and just enjoying the weather.

But, in spite of the extra exercise and fresh air, I've felt very drained. I LOVE watching them, but my energy isn't allowing me to keep up right now. My Oldest and Littlest. Love it!!

I'm in a creative slump; seems school and daily life are using up every ounce of my strength. Yes, that could be a good thing, to know I've given the day my all, and I'm going to bed exhausted. On the other hand, I'm not used to this. I remember days, in the not so distant past, when I could get up early (often after a long night) and do school, art, PE, housecleaning...and still get my craft on at night.

What happened?

He's not often this still!

Love these toddler feet, standing in the mini waterfall.
Maybe the slow change in weather? Although you'd think that would HELP my energy level. Maybe eating habits? I have been eating way more carbs lately, thanks to a certain sweet old man!
Maybe too much housecleaning?? heh heh
I have been going through tons of things, had a massive yard sale, and rearranged two rooms... plus painted two in the last couple of months. I need to de-stress about the house again, and focus on the creative groove. Really, when my artsy-ness is off, it throws me off completely.

I need the BaBoom back!
Right now I'm just kinda drifting; thinking, sorting, planning, praying, observing.

My Craft Night with friends is this weekend, and that should help oodles and oodles. I need artsy people in my life, desperately. Thank you, God, for like-minded passionate people!


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope your energy gets revved back up soon! Mine has been kind of lacking lately too, hmmm. These kiddos are wearing us out me thinks ;)

Jamie :)

Soaring High said...

I know that often times when my mind and heart have gone through the wringer the rest of me is wiped-out too. Hang in there. = )

Anonymous said...

or...remember that recent birthday you had? It's all downhill from there - ha! ;-)

- sd