Friday, October 8, 2010

Painting for painting's sake

Sometimes we study artists, periods, styles...

and sometimes we paint just for painting's sake. Don't you love my Wendy's cup??
I'll tell you, my personal artwork picks up when I'm processing things. And lately I've had a lot to process. Just articles I've been reading...decisions... some confusion... (sigh)

Things are going well with school. Fred starts night shift tomorrow, which I'm not exactly thrilled about.

We're going to have some adjusting to do this week.

I trust that the job will work out.

I believe that God will help me process the things I'm mulling over.



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh how fun! I'm sure they are making some wonderful art! :) I love your work. I love how you put the words around the coffee painting... great piece! I am so glad that you joined in to show us a peek. That is all you can do... trust that God will help you process! :)

Five Freddys said...

I love just about everything I've see you do, but I really love the coffee one! I'm not very creative, but I'm really great at stealing creative ideas :) Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Michelle said...

I do that too when I need to process things-or I clean which I know my hubby sure appreciates! That painting is so creative. Your blog has been a true find for this right-brain dominated lady! Blessings!