Saturday, October 2, 2010

Accidents, in 3s

Thursday- attempted to move heavy furniture by myself and fell, right as my 3-year old accidentally knocked the room divider over, on top of me. If my feet had been grounded, I could have braced myself and caught it. Unfortunately, I was already going down, and it hit me hard, smashing my right arm, and ripping the fingernail off of my ring finger. Actually, it split the nail in half, and ripped the side clear off, leaving a jagged dangling edge. Yeah, it was bad. I screamed, cried, vomited. Bad, bad, bad. Lots of pain meds, and some deep breathing, and I managed to regain composure. Didn't sleep well that night, though.

By Friday I was functioning, with a finger brace. Went to the Right Choices Corn Maze with Fred and the kids, my sister and her kids, Papaw, and about 100 other folks from our homeschool group. It was great, great fun!
Corn Maze, Cow Train, Hay Bale Jumping, Hay House, Drain Slides, Hayride, farm animals to pet, and nice picnic areas all around.

We bought some mini-pumpkins and gourds, and a large one to carve. NatureMan decided that he really really wanted his mini-pumpkin carved into a "monster pumpkin." Being the awesome Mom that I am, I grabbed a knife and attempted to carve out the design he had drawn. Of course, my grip wasn't great, seeing as how I had the finger brace on. So, my knife slipped and I slashed the middle finger of my left hand. Ow. It won't need stitches, but it's sore and bandaged.

So, this morning, I decided to do some safer things, like yard saling. TheArtist Child and I left the house at 7am...
and got into a fender bender.
Like, immediately. (sigh)

If bad things really happen in 3s, then I should be totally done now, for at least for awhile!

We had great luck at a friend's preschool yard sale... puppet show curtain for $2, huge costume tub with drawers (that included a chef hat and two aprons, two full body boy outfits, etc) for $1, black leather game chair for $2, firetruck rug 50 cents. Can't beat these prices! I'm all about yard saling or thrift store shopping. No sense in paying 10x as much for the exact same thing, at the mall!

So, anyway, typing is a bit hard. Drawing and painting is, too, but I'm up for the challenge. I've always held my pen/pencil on my ring finger, which is impossible for me now. We'll see how it affects my art. ;)

Hope your weekend has been SAFE and fun!

I have about a thousand activities to catch you up on. Plus, I rearranged the playroom, rewrote the chore charts, and let my art center explode with color. Stay tuned. :)


katskraps4kids said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope all your troubles are over! What atrooper to still do all those things- I am such a baby- I'd be down & out for several weeks till most of it grew back.

be CAREFUL and be blessed Girly,

Karyl =)

Ms Debbie said...

So good to see you today. Just being around you makes me feel positive. Kindred spirits -- well except for all that homemakerish stuff.... not so good at that. :) Cheap prices mean I get to see my friends a little longer while they shop. DIdnt notice your finger, but mine now hurts after reading that. ouch... Enjoy the " stuff "

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Hope things settle down for you.

- sd

Debbie said...

Well you do know I have a small but wonderful party every Friday for just a thrifting type of gal. Hope to see you soon. I just have to be your next lucky follower and make it 100!!~ There now you luck will get better. Debbie

Soaring High said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Hope it all gets better soon and like you said--you're done for now!!