Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cooking Club, out on the town

Friday Night

Combined Cooking Club, out on the town

All of my pregnant friends.... and me. ;)

Michele, Rochelle, Traci, Megan, Tracy, Amy, and me

We have one due in Dec, one in Jan, one in March, one in April, and 2 in May!!
Yes, something is definitely in the water!!

Rochelle and Megan

Michele and Amy

me, Tracy, and Tracithe giant sandwich and hot dog at Hammontrees Glowing Traci and Tracy
Rochelle and medessert time at the Common Grounds! Mmmmmm....
These ladies are so much fun!!

Yesterday we went to a costume birthday party, and now we're preparing for a family to come join us for Halloween firepit dinner, trick-or-treating, and then cards with my family tonight.


I'll paint again...soon.

What are YOU up to for Halloween?

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