Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pirate ships

This is a super easy nature craft!
an unbroken half of a nut shell (walnuts work well)
clay (or hot glue, if an adult is doing that part)
a piece of paper
blunt scissors
paint or markers

Put a small wad of clay inside your halved shell. (I put dabs of hot glue, and NatureMan inserted the toothpicks)
Draw a small sail and cut it out. Glue or tape onto toothpick (or you could just stick the sail right through the toothpick.)
Your boat is ready to sail! You can make several boats and have races-- they really do float. :) Enjoy!


Michelle said...

I left a comment on your beautiful coffee picture post, but I was wondering if you have an Etsy shop or just an online shop in general?

Living Creatively said...

Michelle, My internet has been down for several days. Sorry for the late reply. I did have an etsy account, but closed it due to time restraints. I was only selling aprons, though.
Thank you for the encouragement. I do plan to open it again soon!