Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dress fix and a skirt apron

I got this dress used, cheap for the material. It's only about 3 sizes too big. But then I decided, HEY I like this. I want to wear it. Hmmmm....

Sleeveless shirts and dresses are the easiest thing in the world to take in.

Put dress/ shirt on. Pin along sides, to make it fit right. Now, good luck taking it off.
(Seriously, think about that. You will have to get this baby off and on!)

Turn it inside-out and sew up the sides, where you pinned. Cut off excess fabric. Voila! New dress that fits perfectly!
(Sorry for the crummy pics. The camera timer isn't always my friend.)

Before -formless and void ----> After- fitted and comfy!

Next, this is so easy that it doesn't even get it's own post.
The polka dotted skirt Apron
I took a skirt of mine that the Artist likes. It's too short for me, so I never wore it even though I hung on to those polka dots! Cut skirt along seams on sides (so there's not even a need to hem!) Sew ribbon on for ties. She chose her ribbons.
As an extra touch, we took a belt that was coming apart at one end. I trimmed it to the right size (belted it in front, and cut the ends off, so it would "fit" along the front of the half-skirt/ apron), then we tacky glued it in place and stitched around the edges.
From the front, it looks like she's wearing a cute belted skirt! She liked it. We created it together. Win, win.

I am making progress of the other apron. It needs a name. How about "classic blouse apron?" It's sewn together, but still needs the pockets and ties. And lace. I would like lace.

Hope you are happily crafting, sewing, or otherwise enjoying your summery days!


Suzanne said...

So now I'm rethinking my homeschool room...should this be only a craft/sewing room? hmmmm....

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Love that dress, girlie! It's very becoming on you! :0) Hopefully after p90x I won't be so afraid of formfitting clothing! ;0)