Monday, June 8, 2009

Forget Dick and Jane! It's Bill and Minnie that do it all!

See the old man? See the old man run?
And pull wagons, loaded with four squirming and squealing children.
Oh, yes, they were delighted!!
See the old man? See the old man garden?
See the old man climb up a play set tower and hoist a 2-year old to the top?
That there is 75-years worth of bumbling energy.
He has the stamina of a toddler, I'm telling you!
We had a relaxingly fabulous day at the park last week. Just sunshine, cousins, and a great-grandpa to play with. Ahhhh, summer days. (well, it felt like summer that day!)
This evening we went to my folks' house to eat supper with Mimi and Papaw. Fred had to give the doggies some extra attention while their loving masters are away on a brief business excursion.
Gotta love a great-grandma who will wear googly eyes and pose for pictures!! She's always had a great sense of humor. And, really, Mimi looks great in anything!
Love the pic below. Just love it. Dash's personality shines bright & bold!
My dirty little man posing ever-so-sweetly.

Little Lad is rather wary of the doggies that are larger than he is, so he stayed safely caged up on the deck with his Mimi!


Kendra said...

I love how the great-grandparents have so much energy and they do not care that they are old. They still want to play with the kids. what a treasure to have a set of living great grandparents.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Wow, GORGEOUS pictures! You are getting excellent at photography (well, you already were)and photoshop! I also love the picture of Mimi with the glasses! How cute!

terri said...

How the three of us enjoyed Wendy's blog and seeing photos of you and your
family. Mom just said ooooh, what pretty kids. Minnie, your eyes have
changed~~big and bloodshot! Pastor, you do have the energy of a toddler.
God will keep the two of you forever young because you'll always be workin'
for Him.

I'm not very computer savvy, but Wendy's blog seems remarkably well done.

Sunny day here. Nothing happening at the Fess household. We miss you and
hope Minnie is feeling VERY WELL and ENERGETIC. It was wonderful seeing
your smiling faces this morning!

Much love,

Adelia said...