Thursday, June 4, 2009

new flower fairy skirt for the artist

First, I have to announce that my Mimi and Papaw are in town! YEAH!!

Mimi made The Artist the most darling dress, but the photos of her wearing it re on my Mom and Papaw's cameras (yes, we're just a family of camera-toters!) I'll post pics soon, because it's darling, just like all of Mimi's creations.

Yesterday evening (or maybe the one before; I lose track...?) I decided to repurpose an old prom dress. I bought this a year ago at a yard sale for a quarter. Yes, I said a QUARTER. Can you imagine how much it would have cost to buy all that fabric?? First, I volunteered to let our homeschool group use it for prom. There were no takers, so I finally worked up the courage to cut it apart.
So I cut the top part clear off. Then cut the bottom section in two.
Take in the waist, so it is the right size for the little recipient. Or you can just measure her waist using elastic, and sew the skirt, gathered, to the elastic. That's what I did.

Then sew. Yep, just sew. Sew that bottom part under the upper part...over and over, around and around. (So, you will turn it inside out, bring the top of the bottom half to the elastic and start sewing around and around, layering up the skirt.) This skirt had three layers, so it was a lot to sew through each wrap around. Actually, I think it looks BEST to NOT measure, and just start cutting and sewing. After all, I've never met a perfectionist flower fairy. I think they prefer the rather unkempt, beautiful and romantic look. Let the layers be uneven!

The fun part is to let your little girl help chose and sew flowers all over the skirt!!
My artist chose white flowers and tiny purple ones.

Here's the skirt, just hanging out, waiting for more garden romping fun
I think she likes it. :-)


Adelia said...

And this is the reason I need a girl. {Sigh} I'll live vicariously. It's BEAUTIFUL!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Another precious item! :0)