Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kid designs: Camo Samo

Nature Man decides on his fabric, shape, and eyes, nose.
Ready to stuff the monster...
Nature Man started out carefully...
...and then got a bit more ambitious!
Sewing the hair on. I did this for him.
He documented it, through photography. ;-)
oops. Meant to put the nose on before we stuffed Samo.
My last one didn't have a nose, so I got confused.

No worries...
Nature Man and his creation.
Quiet Wyatt meets Camo Samo for the first time.
Love the simple monsters. They aren't perfect
and they aren't meant to be. :-)


Shanda said...

How cute! So fun that he got to choose all of it!

Thank you for your comment today - LOVE the idea of a blanket or wrap of praise! Wonderful idea!

I also have my kids read their devotional books first thing in the a.m. Then over breakfast we talk about what they have read and thought, etc. It has stirred up some great conversations.

I also pray out loud over my kids each night too. My son especially loves it. If I'm not going to be home when they get tucked for the night he often asks me to pray over him before I leave. (So sweet!)

Can you expand a bit on what "reminder packs" are? I'd love to know more!

Jeanneoli said...

Love this and you can tell that he loved making it! What a good mommy!!!:-)