Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whippin' up some cowboys

During our "quiet time," while Little Lad was napping, I decided to whip up some cowboy ruffle pants for the horse-obsessed-Artist. I'm seriously considering opening an Etsy account soon. I can't sit still, so I might as well sew, paint, create to relax and help my family while I'm at it. ;-)

After I make tons of stuff for my own kids, that is.
They get all the goodies (oft through trial-and-error) before the general public gets a shot!
(btw, the lengths ARE the same on both legs; it's just the way she's standing in that second pic!)


sara's art house said...

These are adorable!

Simply Stork said...

too cute...what a great idea :o)

it was wonderful to hear from you again :o)


Adelia said...

These are so cute for her!