Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ruffling the chick

So, I've been using my evenings to sew. And right now I'm stuck on ruffles. Ohhhhh, I do love thee, Ruffles.
This was my new gift to the Artist chick: froggy ruffly shorts, matching belt, and matching bag (big enough for her sketch pad and art supplies, naturally! (I can't thank you enough, CM, for the great material!!) I have enough material left over to make some boy shorts for a little man.

My darling then decided that she needs to start making things for herself and for others as well. So we spent the naptime yesterday working on some sewing projects. Nature Man got quite a few lessons, too. Artist chick made these shorts for herself, by herself!! I just watched from behind, and she did it!!


Ashley said...

I love ruffles! She did a great job! Thanks for visiting my blog today!


Loveandadoor said...

Love these.. a lot!! May need some instructions on the how-to here.
Super cute. Loved your aprons too. I LOVE aprons. Have quite a few from my great grandma. Love it.
Sew fun!