Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A mentor

A Teachable Heart asked who is your Titus 2 mentor?

As you know, Mimi has pancreatic cancer, which I've written about several times. These past few days, on the heels of her visit here, have been very hard for her physically. She's been ill, and not able to keep food down. Please stop and say a prayer before you continue on...

Like I said in this post, I had a wonderful childhood with very loving parents. In addition to a great family life, my adoring grandparents also lived in our small town until I was 10-years old. So when I was not at home or in school, I was at my second home---my Mimi and Papaw’s house.

At their home, a majority of my time was spent shadowing Mimi’s every move---and move we did! We were always sewing, cooking, gardening, learning and talking. Mimi tutored me in math, taught me cooking short cuts, and showed me how to entertain.

She is still teaching me.

Below, we were working on a new skirt when she was visiting earlier this month.

Like most teens, I went through some trials and tribulation. I have had to overcome a lot life from that period, but I cannot think of one time when Mimi's words of wisdom and love have not guided and comforted me.

My grandmother has worn many hats during her lifetime. She has been married for over fifty years, raised four children, got her bachelor's and master's while her kids were in school, and then spent her life teaching. Her energy and enthusiasm for life has always amazed me. Here she is, at a restaurant with us, about two weeks ago.
Looks like her energy matches that of my four kids, eh? :-)

My grandmother grew up in hard times. She remembers working as a dishwasher for a restaurant when she was very young, just to make ends meet after her father died. However, her hardships and age have never made her bitter or any less of an independent thinker. She has always had a way of seeing the best in everyone. If life handed her lemons, she never settled for just making lemonade! She was much more likely to put together lemon fruit cups, with lit candles and a lace tablecloth. :-)

Mimi always encouraged hard work and new thought, graciously entertained those who came to her home, and spent all of her spare time for others. She is certainly an "acts of service person," in the way she shows love. Now, as an adult, I realize just how ahead of her time she has always been.

A woman who brings joy to others
Just by being herself!
I love you!


Shanda said...

What an amazing blessing she is (and has been) in your life!

I loved the picture of her sitting with your kids at the restaurant! She does fit right in with them! The four generation photo off to the side is precious.

Praying for her in her illness. I think it is especially difficult for those who are so full of life to be ill. Their minds are still ready to tackle the world; their bodies just don't seem to be cooperating.

May you have a wonderful visit!

Jeanneoli said...

What a beautiful post about a woman that has blessed your life and others!