Friday, February 4, 2011

House Rules

New PAinTing/CollaGe, simple and fun!
16" x 20"

Obey your parents
Treat others how you want to be treated
Clean up after yourself

Speak with kindness
Tell the Truth Love
We're under another Winter Advisory-- more snow coming this morning, again on Sunday, and yet again next Wednesday. I don't drive on this stuff, which simply means that I'll have plenty of evening art time, while hibernating at home. It's a good thing, seeing as how I have roughly 50 baby shower invites to make, plus artwork for the pregnancy center, and crafts to prepare for a VDay party with friends.

What are YOU up to, all holed up in this winter's craziness?


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your "New PAinTing/CollaGe" - it's Mary Engelbreit-ish, so fun!!


Ms Debbie said...

I want to buy this.. mam. . How much ?

Soaring High said...

Seriously, you could SELL that! It's a beautiful display of House Rules.
I need to get started on my next Sketchbook project. Have you started yet?

Wendy said...

Thanks, S. :) I didn't think of that but, yes, it is M.E.'s style!

Debbie, I'm thinking of making custom Rule paintings... what do you think? $30 to cover the cost of canvas and paint, and for 2-3 hours of time...?

Melinda, Thanks, girl. No, I haven't started the new sketch challenge! I haven't decided what I want to draw yet, for "opposites." Hmmm... Can't wait to see your progress. And, gosh, I still need to post my last one!

Ms Debbie said...

I think that is awesome . As you probably saw from my FB post , I ended up going a different direction with G's room but I want one.. or more of these. I will brainstorm what I want and FB you ! I cant wait.... monkeys.hmm...

LJ said...

You should sell your "house rules" on etsy!

seesawfaith said...

This is toooo stinkin' cute!! LOVE it!