Monday, January 31, 2011

The Weather Outside is Frightful ♪

If you recall, 7 months ago we weathered a hurricane....
and now it looks like my southern state, is in for a blizzard!
This is turning out to be quite the year for us!

snow, snow, snow!

The predictions keep getting higher.

Now it's up to 1" of ice and 9-13" of snow.

Like I said, that's a lot for a southern state!
We're also expected to get Thundersnow.
Do YOU know what that is?

It's a rare kind of thunderstorm with snow falling
as the primary precipitation instead of rain. It typically falls in regions of
strong upward motion within the cold sector of an extratropical cyclone, where
the precipitation consists of ice pellets rather than snow.

Remember the 2009 ice storm, when Arkansas and Kentucky were declared federal disaster areas? That, folks, is why people are so panicky. People were without power for weeks.

So, if you're reading this, please just pray for those who could be affected by this storm (up to one-third of the country, and 100 million people.) My little home will stay warm, as long as we can keep power. But the trailers around town will be getting very, very cold, even if they don't lose power. There's just not much insulation in those. Brrrrrr!

It's already icing like crazy outside.

I also know a lot of mamas with new babies, who really need their heat to stay on!

Here's hoping it's just a fun, memorable, beautiful storm!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Wendy- A friend in Tulsa told me about thunder and lightening that is happening right now along with the ice. That must be the thunder snow you are talking about. I had never heard of it before!! Take care, dear friend.... Lori

Soaring High said...

We finally got cleaned up from the ice storm just this past summer! When you live in the woods and trees fall all around your house, you have an unlimited supply of firewood!

Mandy said...

I cannot believe this weather.. IN ARKANSAS?!

We're not supposed to get much of anything except COLD.. praying that things stay okay up your way!