Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 28 mid 60's Wonderful

I've mentioned before that we do not waste good weather.
Who wants to hole up inside and miss the sunshine on a day like today?! Not us.
This is reason #568 (or so) of Why I Love Homeschooling!
After doing school work on the picnic table in the backyard, we moved to a local trail with playgrounds. Papaw came with us and tutored my girl in history,
while we read to and then played with the little boys.
Plenty of breaks for freeze tag...


(yes, those are my feet. And the slide is higher than it looks here!)
and train-watching...
My mood, some days, feels directly linked to the warmth and sunshine.
Today I felt happy, almost to the point of tears.
It could be, too, that we had several amazing answers to prayer in the last 12-hours. :)
I feel such relief. I knew I could trust in Him,
but didn't expect the answers to come so quickly, and all clumped together.
What a beautiful day for miracles!

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Anonymous said...

looks great - wish I could have joined you all!