Saturday, January 1, 2011

A year come and gone

Goodbye 2010.
I'm ready to see the year go.
While there were numerous blessings, there were too many tragedies, trials, and "losses" (here on earth anyway) to call it a good year.

Mimi went Home in January '10. Has it really been almost a year? I still miss her every day.
My aunt died from cancer shortly after that. I saw her at Mimi's funeral, but not again after that.
Several of my friends went through divorces or near-divorces. One friend lost her son. Two others lost their father. One friend lost her home. My cousin's wife had a miscarriage.
We went through a financially trying time, a job change, church change ... things that paled in the face of what our family and friends were dealing with, but it took a toll on us nonetheless.

We're stable-ish now financially...oxymoron, but that's how it feels. Papaw is living here in our Little Town now, and we've loved spending this year with him. He comes over often to read to the kids and bring food, and usually about once a week to whip us in cards. There are a lot of hurts in my friends' and families' lives still, but I can see healing happening. I expect good things for the new year. For one thing, a LOT of my friends will be having their precious babies soon.
New Life, new beginnings, growing families... the most amazing blessings.

A big shout-out to my bestest girlfriends, my fabulous sisters! Always there for crying or laughing, shopping or playdates, ready to lend a book or bra, what have you. The only people in the world, perhaps, who know when I need lots of time alone and when I need to socialize my heart out. Everyone needs at least one person who really "gets" them.

Here's to a new year.
My resolutions are about the same, I'm simply feeling more focused and intentional.
Blessings to you all!

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Montgomery Family said...

Wow! What a hard year you've had. I'm so encouraged by your perspective and faith in the midst of it all! Blessings to you!