Friday, January 28, 2011

New Miracles

One of my dearest friends had her baby late -late- last night.

At 9lb 6oz, he was born needing a hair cut and his nails trimmed!

I got to cuddle and snuggle this precious new miracle...

Kari (for comparison,) Megan, and Tracy (a week overdue, the day before going in)

And two days later, bonding with her youngest son...

There's something so magical and amazing and wonderful about new babies.
They are miracles.
Each and every one.


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Brookie said...

Stumbled upon your blog while searching for some art therapy projects for kids in poverty. SO LOVING your sketches regarding our FREEDOM in Christ. I stink at drawing but I LOVE to "doodle" my prayers, thoughts and whatever God brings to mind. Needed to be reminded of my passion to create......I have been in a FUNK! Thanks!