Monday, January 31, 2011

Outdoor Winter Fun

Yes, I know it hasn't actually snowed yet. But it will. Oh, yes, it will!

In fact, we may very well get an inch of ice and upwards of 8" of snow. I'm totally fine with that, as long as my power stays on.

Anyway, seeing as how everybody and their dog is heading to WMart today, I'm posting our Winter Fun Checklist, so you can go ahead and buy necessary items.

1. Snow Paint, using water bottles and food coloring

2. Blow bubbles and let them freeze. Then you can carefully pick them up!

3. Play with cars outside, in a mini blizzard

4. Make a Fun Bucket for snow, including sand shovels, little laundry scoopers, playdough toys, plastic silverware (not white, unless you want to lose it!)

5. Winter Picnic & Firepit Night-- yes, outside in the snow. We're covering our wood, so it will stay dry, and planning to bring hot foods outside to eat by the fire.

6. Ice Hockey on the driveway, using a roll of duct tape (or electrical tape, if I can find it.)

7. Snow obstacle course-- this pretty much describes my front yard anyway! ;)

8. Photo Expedition and scavenger hunt, for things like pinecones, a green leaf... etc

9. And maybe, just maybe, we'll try snowshoes! I have tennis rackets... heehee

And, of course, the standard sledding, snowman making, snowball fights, forts, angels!

Share any other ideas you have!

Let the fun begin!!

**weather update** 3pm Blizzard Warning for our neighboring counties!

I guess this storm was more than just hype. ;)

Better prepare fast, if you haven't already. Stay safe, stay warm, stay home!


{TiffanyMae} said...

Fellow NWA Arkansas Blogger here :)
I am preparing for the storm as well and making our list of snow activities... don't forget to make some snow ice cream :)

Soaring High said...

Snow Ice Cream!
And you better believe I'll be referring back to your list if we get stuck inside. Great ideas!