Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farmers' Market in Small Town, and my other loves

I absolutely did not forget to take our Family Picture on the 6th , I'm simply behind and didn't get it posted in time! Hi, kids! (we didn't have a good place to set the camera for a timed family photo-- maybe next month)
That was taken on May 6th at Hobbs State Park, on the Shaddox Hollow Trail. Yes, my kids still have chicken pox. I had to take them out in the boonies, on a deserted trail for our family day. :D And it was gorgeous! More on that soon.

Yesterday I ventured over to our Small Town Farmers' Market. I love taking pictures of random people... especially older people and kids. This guy just belonged there.
(I've told Fred before that if I were invisible, I'd just wander around taking pictures of everyone! He says it would be a total waste of a superpower, but I'm not convinced.)

Below is my beloved Miss Samantha (Sammi-girl) chef-extraordinaire, seamstress, nature girl, jam-maker, veggie-grower, mom-to-all-boys, precious lady. I splurged on her lemon pound cake (with real violets on top!) and her son's prize-winning fudge... /drool a bunch of walking sticks. Get this: hand-carved Mimosa walking sticks, complete with drilled holes in the top with leather bands...

what would you expect to pay?

They sell comparable ones at Silver Dollar City for $20+.

Sam's boy is selling them for $2.50! Yeah.

I couldn't believe it. I bought 4, with an order for two more (I need shorter ones made for my two little boys.) When we got home, Fred wood-carved our names on them.
There were houseplants, bouquets of peonies, greens, heirloom tomatoes....

plus all types of needlework...handmade soaps... oh, and raw honey!

I love Farmers' Market! Someday I'll have my own booth there with veggies, plants, balloons, face-painting, and sewn items. Someday. When the booths don't cost so much, and I actually have time. It'll be my own little party booth.
I did actually draw and paint some of the veggies, but not going to post those until I finish up. :) Allllsooo, I know it's Mother's Day. I sent my Man off to see his own mama today, and he'll be back in a bit. He's already given me the most fabulous weekend, and I am so grateful for this weather, this home, these kids... I feel so blessed. I hope you all have an amazing day, slow and peaceful, with time to recognize and receive the many gifts all around us.

And, Mom, I LOVE you!! Thank you for nurturing all of my passions with unending art supplies, creative approaches, and so many experiences. You are amazing!


Ms Debbie said...

I can tell you a few other kids that are completely blessed.... they live with you.

Anonymous said...

The non-propped pics are the best


mysteryhistorymom said...

Wendy- I love, love, LOVE this post! I love everything about it! Can I please come with you next time??? Facebook me directions as I want to see that sweet (crabby?) old man in your picture (GENIUS picture!) and his GORGEOUS peonies! My daughter would LOVE a walking stick! No joke! She would be crazy for one! Hope your kiddos get better soon. Somehow we have avoided the chicken pox. Good or not?? That is the question... Lori

Soaring High said...

I have a secret dream to own a little farmers market booth. Maybe one day we both will!

Wendy said...

Miss Debbie- thank you, sweet lady. Love you!

Sinai, you mean un-posed? I agree! :)

Lori, absolutely. I sent you the info. Hope you can make it. Next Saturday is Kids' Day, too!

Melinda- me, too. Just wish everything through the city didn't cost so dang much. They charge for the booth and also take part of the sales, I think...? Is that right? ;/ Sniff. I have the same gripe with the Dogwood Festival. It should be *only* homemade, and the city shouldn't charge so dang much.

Wendy said...

Melinda girl, just found out that the DW booths are only $115 for a 10x10. That is NOT bad!! I was wrong, and I'm willing to admit it. :) (Still kinda wish it was more like a walk-through etsy, and less commercialized, but I have to pick my battles!) Maybe *someday* you and I and a couple of other ladies should go in on one together!

Anonymous said...

Pics revisit.

I increased the resolution of your pics and the human story revealed a lot more of itself.

1. The young man making walking sticks, drilling holes without supporting the stick, not an easy task.
1a.The young mans sign, “William’s homemade Mimosa walking sticks $2.50 each” hanging on an old milk can, (I think the kind of wood was Mimosa).

2, The pic of the young lady looking over the table goods.
2a. First I was undecided if she was a buyer or seller, but since she is on the chair side, I believe she is a seller.
2b. The table goods appear to be baked cakes, donuts and candies??. and the jar goods, I’m assuming is the honey that you mentioned.
2b. I almost didn’t ketch William sitting in his chair.

3.The gentleman in overalls appears to be one who grows veggies, plants, and flowers.
3a. Don’t know the temp that day, as some are in short sleeves and others in long sleeves, but the subject of this pic has long sleeves and maybe a long sleeve under shirt
3b. It’s hard to guess the age as farmers working in the sun may have aged appearance more than usual.
3c. You caught him eyeballing something interesting to his right.
3d. Would not be caught without a pen and pencil set

These pics have a lot of story in them.

Good Work

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

This is so great! I love all the pics! (especially the old guy). I think taking pics of people while being invisible would be an excellent use of a superpower! Not only would you get tons of great pics, but you could solve crimes...hmm, perhaps blackmail people...:D