Saturday, May 14, 2011

Purple hair

No, not me.

Not this time.

Not yet.But I must be honest-- I'm considering it.
Maybe. Someday. Or at least some of those feather extension things.

And why on earth not?
I'm learning, slowly but surely to be the
that God created me to be.

Full of color.
Dressed Up. Curled.
Dancing and jumping on the trampoline.
And caring a little less every day that
that might be different.
Because I'm full of joy
and so are my kids.
People come in all shapes and sizes,
with different goals, dreams, aspirations,
styles, personalities...
and who am I to say if they should be
using cloth diapers/vegans/homeschooling/ homebirthing
wearing 7 earrings/ or mismatched clothes/doing preschool
wearing make-up/hiring help/ doing sports/ rocking out
you name it.
Who am I to worry about what's best for their family?
Wouldn't it be better to try
a little harder
to see things from their eyes
stand in their shoes?
And be kind.
It's one of my goals,
to step back
look closer
and smile.


Tracy said...

Purple hair was fun, so are the feathers. I take this post as a declaration to the world that you like me ;)

Rhonda said...

I came to your blog a few days from the ModPodge blog and have been reading your back posts as I have time.
I love your style and your blog and am so glad you have time to share.

your writing here is great and sums up how I feel too- be kind and do what works best for your family.

no purple hair for me but I just might modpodge a patchwork wall in the near future.

nannyems said...

beautiful words, very encouraging. Thanks:)

Wendy said...

Trac, absolutely! :D

Rhonda-- so glad you are enjoying my online journal. I make time. It's my mind-stretching, creative time.

Nannyems- thanks. I really enjoyed looking through your etsy the other day, by the way-such unique and interesting pieces. I love collage work! Thank you for the inspiration!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Do you want to use my extra purple extensions?? I'm going to leave in the purple ones I've got but add some blue ones, so I don't need my extras that Metropolis has. They're all yours if you want them!

S. Davis said...

Had a friend in HS with great, dark brown/black hair & the purple highlights were great in it. Can't picture it on you, but I vote you go for it.

Amy Ha said...

I want to do platinum blonde - maybe just a few extensions or highlights to start. So glad I went strawberry blonde. I think you're the most beautiful when you feel like what you're wearing makes sense on YOU, so do what you love. You're already gorgeous so the rest is just icing on the very yummy cake!

I love the words "step back, look closer, and smile"! Not gonna forget that. ;)

Wendy said...

Jules, not sure yet. I'm really considering going red with black streaks. Seems more "me." Could them black and use 'em? Maybe?

Sherrill, Julie has black with purple right now, and it's stunning!

Ames,Fun!! Fred first met you with super blonde hair, and that's how he'll always prefer it. I like to change things around, but he'd also prefer me to stay short, red, and curly! "Icing on the very yummy cake"-- love that. We're both cakes. ;) Come see me soon!

Soaring High said...

Oh so true! I love you just the way you are. I think purple hair would be fun and I've always wanted to dye my hair red.

Amy said...

Try egg plant, I've seen it on people with your same hair color and it's beautiful. When you hit the light just right you can see a purple tent to it.