Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Progress in late May

Remember my cinder block garden, shoe rack garden etc? It's time for a progress report.

Below, cilantro and chives, from seed! I'd never tried it before and, honestly, I think I'll stick to plants next time. I had to replant seeds once because of flooding.


Front flower bed. My friends on facebook helped identify these as Campanula 'Pink Chimes.'

Tomatoes and cauliflower in the veggie garden. Plus a missing frisbee. See it? I planted some heirloom tomatoes from seed (and they're about 5 inches tall now) but these Better Boy tomato plants were bought at Aldi's.

Chile peppers

And an update on the shoe rack plants!

Below, my beets are thriving. :)

This is edamame.

Also planted in the shoe rack: cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, marigolds...

and some other stuff, that I've now forgotten. ;)


Joyce said...

Looks wonderful! I wish I had a green thumb. :-)

S. Davis said...


"chile" peppers - ha!

Wendy said...

chile- oops! I see why spellcheck didn't catch that! ;)

Soaring High said...

Gardening makes me giddy. I love to watch it grow and progress.

Amy R. Ha said...

Your cilantro is bigger than mine that I planted from seed, even though you replanted yours! I think I'll stick to plants next time as well.

How cool is it that you're growing edamame? I'll answer: VERY. Love that stuff. Please serve it at a game night soon.

(p.s. Let's plan a game night on Mom and Dad's awesomely re-done third floor!)