Sunday, May 1, 2011

Painting My Life

Remember this? The lack of color was getting to me. So I changed it up again. Now I can't find the "before" picture. oh, well.

~New BLUE hutch~

And, because it's all rainy and cold today, I've been doing some artsy fartsy stuff with the kids, too.

They drew and colored, and I painted my Life.

{sigh} Have I mentioned how much I love LOVE love art? Love.


Soaring High said...

Ooooo!!!!! I remember the white. I thought it looked like it belonged in a beach house. I love this blue too!!!

Tracy said...

love the blue! you know, i was telling julie the other day, i'm not normally friends with the artsy types, but there's something about you wendy dear. i just can't stay away! happy birthday my dear!

Simoana said...

Wow, I adore this blog.

The name says it all.Catchy and well worth checking out!!!

Love your art!!


Amy Ha said...

You're inspiring, as always! Can't wait to come visit you in Siloam, when the torrents of rain finally stop...