Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little person with BIG personality

First things first, in case you saw my facebook plea for help/info last week, I should fill you in-- my darling's hand is not fractured. She has a wrist sprain and is wearing a brace for a week. All is well! My heart is relieved. I can carry on. :) Thanks for the prayers for her. She was hurting.

Speaking of beautiful, precious girls...
The other day I had my little niece and nephew over for a few hours while my sister studied for her finals. I try to leave art supplies out and available 24/7, and Miss Scarlett knows this. She always asks for some face paint and art time. YAY! A little girl after my own heart.

Owers, on the other hand, was much more interested in rough housing with all of my little boys, which was just fine. Also, why he is not in these artsy pictures. ;)

We used her foot prints as "stems and branches" and she painted on the flowers. Then we did her hand prints just because she wanted me to paint her hands. Naturally.

For a little thing, she sure packs in the personality. What a ham!

Little daughter and little niece, you both melt my heart!


fee @ chipper nelly said...

lovely pictures!
I have tons of fun with my boys but I can't wait for a whole load of different fun with my new neice Mabel...Pleeeeeese let her be a girly girl!
fee x

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

AWWWW, two beautiful girls, indeed!! Such WONDERFUL pictures! And Scarbie <3's you and your house so much, for obvious reasons.