Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surrounded by twisters, twisting inside

We are grateful for safety again today.
Last night our small town opened storm shelters, sent out warnings and alerts. We took it seriously and went to my parents' house, with fun stuff packed for the cellar, if the sirens sounded. They did indeed sound, over and over. Tornadoes hit towns to our north and south...west and east. I kid not. Our little town was safe, but there is so much loss and destruction around us.
This was our street on Sunday night, during the first round of storms and tornadoes. It's tough to take decent photos at night, in the rain, while keeping the camera dry... but you can see that the cul-de-sac was full of water.

And then, while we watched the crazy whipping of wind and pounding of rain, there was a loud crack, and our tree went down....

....on our car.

If you recall, we do not have a garage. Back in 2007 or so, we converted it to the playroom/schoolroom. It's more play/sleeproom now, and less schoolroom after I realized that they'd all congregate at the kitchen table anyway. But I digress.

At 7:15am the following day, one of our neighbors came on over with his chainsaw, and helped us cut the whole thing apart. The little boys and I dragged the pieces to the backyard for firewood. Amazingly enough, we had NO damage to the car!!

I'm teetering on how to feel. Part of me is so grateful, happy, blessed that we are safe, that there was no damage, that those I love are all okay. And then I feel almost guilty. My car is okay. But others lost their homes. Everything-- clothes, favorite toys, keepsakes, photos....
some people lost loved ones...children....
There's such a painful overshadowing of my joy.
And, when I was mulling this over, wanting to be joyful for the sunshine today, and my children running through puddles, laughter, raindrops on the flowers...
the ripping inside was painful.
How can I be so grateful, joyful while others are so torn?
I read my Bible and Ann, and that was soothing.
I know the pain calls us to action.
We can be grieving for others,
hurting for their pain,
and that propels us.
While still rejoicing for what God has done for us
in all of the big and little things each day
we pray that He can use us to help.

How have you fared through the storms?

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