Thursday, May 19, 2011

Noni's dresser

My Mom (Noni, as the kids call her) took this idea and ran with it:
A papered dresser!!
She's redoing her entire third floor in the colors of the painting.

The paper pieces came from scrapbook paper, magazine photos, book pages.

And, while most of my pieces were square or rectangular, my Mom took a step beyond that and just clipped and modge podged to her heart's delight, here and there, layered, and in all shapes.

She bought various un-matching, yet coordinating, knobs from Lowe's and Hobby Lobby, and painted some of the wood ones herself.

I love how unique, colorful, cheerful it turned out!! Can't wait to post more pictures, as soon as her furniture arrives. The room is looking amazing. It's a "guest/quiet floor" now, with a seperate bathroom, built-in bookshelves, etc. Love it!


Lavidafranco said...

This is darling! I wish you could show me sometime! I love love LOVE the Blue color and the knobs too! Thanks for the idea...may be one day i'll do my room!

Amy R. Ha said...

It looks amazing! Mom has been wanting me to come over and see it and this is the first glimpse I've had. (And now that I've finished a very significant writing project, I can come over and see it in person next week ;) She's so great with color, I love that about her decorating.