Friday, May 20, 2011

Pour Jons

My coffee lovin' friends had brought me fantastic cups of joe from Pour Jons in Siloam Springs, and I finally visited it myself about a week ago. And I've been three times since that first delightful trip...and will be there again in a few hours, with another friend. It has such a relaxing atmosphere, and so many nice touches, from the ladder-like bookshelves, to the glass dishes on the counter, to the low-hanging bulb lights. Not to mention the coffee. Oh ~ the coffee ~

And the brick. Oh, my. Can't forget the brick either.

Chai Latte, one of my new favorite drinks.

This unassuming little place sure packs a lot of punch. I sincerely hope they beat the coffee-shop odds in this town, and survive for a long while.
I'm trying to single-handedly keep them successful, with my raving reviews and repeated visits. ;)

Oh -- and check out the walls. Yes, they papered them, like I did!! And with none other than pages from a loved copy of Robinson Crusoe. I {heart} papered walls!

And look, above, at the picture on the left. See the cup of permanent markers on the wall? They're there so people can sign and draw on the walls.

Yes, sign and draw on the walls. :D


Below, View from my table

When I stopped by last weekend, a woman was inside spinning.

Spinning. Awesome. Something I don't get to see every day.

They often have live music, artists & crafters of various types.

Again, *love*

Maybe I'll sit and paint sometime.

Seems like the perfect place for it.

Go, visit, drink coffee, and enjoy. I hear they have sandwiches now.

Give me some feedback when you try one!


Anonymous said...

I love you different perspectives. You get awesome shots.

Pour Jon's said...

Thanks for the post and the encouragement! We'd LOVE to have you come paint sometime. Just sign yourself up for a date/time when you are in next. The calendar is on the iPad. It is fun to have people enjoying the place where we poured (no pun intended) so much of our time and effort this past year. We are hoping and praying that Pour Jons is a blessing to this community.

Pour Jon's said...

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. You took some beautiful pictures of the place. We would love to have you paint! Next time you are in, just ask one of our staff to pull up the calendar on the iPad and you can pick a date/time!! We are praying that Pour Jons is a blessing to the community. After spending so much time and effort to open the place it is fun to see people enjoy it!

Amy R. Ha said...

I love that place, too! Dad and I went there recently for coffee and ham and cheese croissants. Mmmmmm. They have a really nice atmosphere. Can't wait to try their sandwiches.