Monday, March 28, 2011


It's amazing to me, how one book can make such a ripple in the world. It's as if everyone who reads it has a sudden light bulb moment. The darkness is being illuminated. ah-ha! Yes, this has been missing. Yes, I've been taking so much-- far too much-- for granted. And, yes, GOD, there is so much-- yes, so much-- to be thankful for. Please understand that this doesn't always come easily to me. I dislike cold weather and I often let it damper my spirits. I know, right? What a wimp. Such a minor thing to gripe about. But I'm admitting my issues. I'm trying. Plus, the day's events were particularly hard today. Not in the minor way. I'm not at liberty to go into it just yet, but we do need some prayer. And yet, despite the circumstances, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for. There's no reason for discontentment. God always provides what we need. Always. This revelation was so late for me: the present-in-the-moment thankfulness for everything around me, all the blessings constantly poured out... so much time was lost... and I don't want that for my kids. I want them to grow up content. Joyful. Realizing how blessed they are, despite the circumstances that they may go through. Enter, the birth of the Eucharisteo jar, so that these little blessings of mine can write their own blessings... so we can see the jar fill, overflow... like our lives, so jam-packed with amazing detail and gifts, waiting to be recognized and received. So that the nails of discontentment will be driven out by the nails of thankfulness.

33. a boy learning to whistle

yes, I got the picture, right before his hand went down his pants, what can I say?

34. Niece, beautiful in boots and beads

35. Babies, nestled

Lord, keep changing me.

Open my eyes.

Show me


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Lavidafranco said...

Thank you for sharing...the kids are beautiful! Your point of view is beautiful!