Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trying new foods

Remember the amazing Secret Supper that I mentioned a few weeks ago? It was /drool/ heavenly. Even my Man said so.
The things is, he didn't grow up eating a variety of foods. He doesn't try new things, doesn't desire to, and doesn't understand why I do. This year will mark 14 years of marriage and he has yet to try a salad. not kidding.
But ~~shhh~~~ sometimes I sneak things like V8 into his chili and stew. He's never caught on. I might just save this man's health yet.

Annnnnywaaaay, I'm trying to get an earlier start with my kids. The boys are pretty good about eating anything. They love fruits and veggies, pastas and sauces, dips and even salsa and guacamole. My Girl, though, is not so easy.
And, really, when it comes to foreign foods, all of the kids may balk as much as my Man.
So, to encourage them to try things, I'm giving them a congratulatory sticker (or other non-munchable prize from the box) when they taste an unfamiliar food. It’s such a simple idea, yet it's working.
Today, thanks to Mong, we ate more goodies from Taiwan.

These are Wow Cow cracker/cookies. The only other English read, "The traditional cracker in the shape of an ox tongue." Mmmm... so appetizing.
They were actually quite good, slightly sweet

The snacks, below, were unbelievably thin cookie wafer things. I'm so articulate, I know. There's just nothing to compare it to.

Now this one I can describe. They're like sugar-coated gummy vitamins, only better! They're also organic and vegetarian (aren't the apple-head girl & crossed-out pig nice touches?)

The Energy E cookies were not a huge hit with the kids, but I like them. Without being able to read the label, though, I'm limiting myself to just a few a day. ;)

Have you tried anything new lately?

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