Thursday, March 10, 2011

The girl will wear ruffles!

I won THIS amazing ruffled skirt, custom made, with my choice of fabrics...

...for this beautiful girl....


I love you, Scarbaby!

She will be one of my first subjects when the new camera arrives.
I said wh- what?
Oh, yes-- NEW CAMERA.
Exciting stuff, I tell you!
(TIP: If you own a Canon and it's broken, use the Canon Loyalty Program to upgrade!)


Trish said...

Is this the one that was broken on the day of "The Dinner"? (It was such a great dinner, Roger and I call it "The" Dinner because it deserves a title!) So glad about your replacement.

Mandy said...

Love that skirt! I just ordered a few in different prints from Justice and The Children's Place for my girls. I know it won't be long and they'll refuse to wear ruffles! :) Too cute!

Wendy said...

Trish- Yep, a replacement for my Powershot. I'm so excited!! Seriously, it should be here on Monday, and I'll have to eat very little so as not to vomit from giddiness. Yes, I'm weird. ;)

Mandy, Justice for Girls & Children's Place are two of my favorite stores-- but I only shop their clearance! ;) I bought Isabelle and my niece Scarlett matching shirts at CP a few weeks ago for a combined total of $5! Gotta love it.
And, yes, the skirt is A-mazing! Can't wait to see it on her!

lori vliegen said...

a precious little skirt for a precious little girl! congrats on your new camera! :))