Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wildlife Safari Field Trip

Woooohoooo, here we go... wild animals meet wild animals!
(we were on the drive, going, like 3mph, on dirt paths... just FYI)
The boys ALL braved the snake. And wanted to take it home.

No, thank you.

How close have YOU been to a zebra? Pretty awesome, pretty awesome.

capturing "aminals" from the van window...

Family field trips are the best kind.

I know I'm going heavy on the photos, light on the writing lately. Seriously, spring fever has hit me with a bang. I have so much to do, and I actually want to do it all. My energy is back. My happiness is back. (Not to be confused with joy, which I can usually maintain all year.) This here body runs on sunshine and warmth, and boy am I runnin'.

Even the broken dishwasher and 1K in repairs for the car can't get me down.

Anyone else get giddy when tanktop weather is upon us?

{happy sigh}

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Tracy said...

i just love your kids so much :) thanks for sharing!