Friday, March 4, 2011

Garden Planning

It's that time of year. We've planted some of our seedlings indoors, fruit trees are being ordered, and my vegetable & herb gardens are plotted.

This time around, with my littlest one almost 4-years old, I'm going to do more "Kid Gardening" stuff.

We want to make:

bean teepees, but with multi-colored heirloom beans, ordered from Botanical Interests.

sunflower house, which I've tried before, but someone *cough* mowed over my flowers, by mistake!

Cucumber trellis (I plan to do the A-frame, to make a tunnel of sorts!)

That means I have some wood to buy and building to start. The kids will help plan, measure, hammer (what boy doesn't love that?!) I'm tellin' you, this is the best way to sneak in extra learning in the afternoons!

Then there's the Gardening Journal, which goes perfectly with our Charlotte Mason hands-on science! Don't miss all of her printable forms at the bottom!

We're also going to do a small butterfly garden, and a seed-starting experiment with baseball sleeves hung in the windows.

Any other ideas??


Soaring High said...

We're doing a 4 square gardening this year. I am really excited to get started. Luke's in the shop cutting my wood tonight!

Tracy said...

man, I'M intimidated by the science of gardening, it's a great chance for the older kids to learn about pH, micronutrients, macronutrients, or maybe even start a compost pile and learn about bacteria - ewwwww! :D

Ms Debbie said...

Love those ideas. I am with your 4 year old. Every summer I say I will do that so the kids can experience / enjoy it when they come back in the fall and then we travel ALLLLLL summer. This summer I think will be different. I have not agressively done any booking so we have like 6 ! So... maybe this year...... :)

Anonymous said...

I'll give you some seeds that grow purple iridescent beans. I have a teepee, but we just let the ends grow wild last year, after a little weaving, and the purple flowers & beans were great! The only problem I had was it attracts Japanese beetles.


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Yay! I can't wait to see how it all comes up (:

Mike W. said...

These are some wonderful things that you ave made. I once made a canopy out of sunflowers, it was fantastic to sit under in the middle of the summer. I am glad to hear about Amy, Megan told me. Hope you are well!