Friday, March 18, 2011

Ready to plant the harvest

Where was I?
Thankfulness for...
1. Tiny wooden signs that speak to my heart
2. Pot holders, handmade, threading memories and beauty together
3. blue-green ocean dancing, laughing eyes
4. sun-kissed faces
5. crooked grins holding in loose teeth
6. the ability to freeze it all and hold it, even if my memory slips
7. pollen, borrowed and carried, on the wings of a bee
8. ever-bearing strawberries, jumpstarting fruit on their own timetable, unaware that a frost is yet to come.
9. race-car running shoes jumping through overgrown wildflowers
10. growing my own food, including never-before-tried guaranteed-to-grow grapes
11. the sky in her eyes, thoughtfulness behind them
12. dirty fingernails, a result of earth burrowed
13. dew drops resting precariously on daffodil leaves
14. deep-royal specked wildflowers under my feet, as of yet unmowed, treasured by little people who press them carefully into heavy books.

15. brushes inviting hands of any age to take, color, paint the world
16. and cups that shout my name, happy face and red hair and all that is me

17. Words in her book that speak to my soul, as if they were my own thoughts, my own desires, my own hopes and dreams, shortcomings and despair... and grace, forgiveness.... thankfulness.

18. washing clean- anything. to start fresh

19. The desire to try, need to create, pleasure in being a "big kid"

20. carefulness, precision... his intensity, focus,
head cocked to the side, eyes squinted, to assess
May it change me. Forever. May it drive out my habits of impatience, negativity, hurriedness. And may thankfulness drive in love, joy, contentment...and stop time so that I can enjoy every moment to the fullest.


Ms Debbie said...

Always an inspiration. if only everyone saw the world the way that you do.

Mandy said...

I love this! It is so easy to not see those small things that happen in every day life and cherish them as we should. I'm going to look for all of those little things today and thank God for them!

Soaring High said...

beautiful and deep in every way.
Love your heart lady!