Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunshine Soul Food & Prayer

Yesterday got up to about 70 degrees, sunny, with very little wind. At one point, I sprawled out on top of my picnic table, face to the sun, just thanking God for such a beautiful day. Sunshine & warmth are right up there with Art, as my soul foods. It was just a wonderful day, and made me thankful yet again that I homeschool, and we could ALL be outside for hours, doing our schoolwork, art, and "PE."

But, in spite of the outside sunshiny time, I couldn't sleep last night. My brain has been kicking into overdrive lately, as I lie still. There's so many things that I want to do. Plans I want to implement. So many people to pray for.

My sister was in surgery this morning at 7:30am, for muscle damage & a hernia, related to her last kidney surgery. Another 6 week "no lifting" recovery period, which I know will be tough with a toddler in the house. She had a renal ultrasound yesterday morning on the left kidney. (The only kidney "left", that is how I remember it, ha ha.) They found something that I am praying is nothing. Please pray with me. She's so young to have gone through so much.

And I think I'll leave off with that prayer request, and get back to you later with other ideas, plans, artwork. Pray that her surgery fixed everything that needs fixing, that her doctor finds nothing serious in her ultrasound, and that she will heal quickly and fully.

Thanks, friends.


Elizabeth Haught said...

Praying for your sister.

Mandy said...

Definitely praying for your sister.. that's going to be tough. :(

I'm with you on this great weather lately! We've been outside MOST of the time... everyone's just so happy with the sun out!