Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March SIX

You know, 12 years ago I intended to take pictures of myself every month, as my stomach grew and bulged, nestling my first child.
Then I intended to take pictures of my baby girl in the same place every month, to show how fast she was growing. Same thing 10 years ago when I was expecting my first son. And then 7 years ago when I was pregnant with our surprise-to-me baby boy. And even 4 years ago when I was expecting the "caboose child." Well, by gosh, intentions just aren't good enough. I have a lot of pictures, but no month-by-month photos showing the growth and changes of my children.
Until Now.
Dash (6),Little Lad (almost 4), NatureMan (9), TheArtist (11)
No more talk; it's time for ACTION.
I love Steph's idea at Adventures in Babywearing. On the 4th of every month, she takes a picture of her four! I also have 4 kids, but it's past the 4th, and I want to start now...so I'll do it on the 6th of every month, because we are a family of 6!
(and it's past the 6th because I got behind....ha)
kids exercising with me this morning,
you can catch a glimpse of my new green door behind The Artist
And so begins our Monthly Family Photos! Better late than never, right?


Anonymous said...

now if you could get the email addy updated to include that last child....


Wendy said...

I know, right? ;) Don't think I can change it now. Oh, well.

And maybe it's a sign...5 for five kids later on...? I still think we may foster to adopt one day.

mamabusybee said...

That's a great idea. knowing me I'd do it for about 2 months.... hee hee

Soaring High said...

I love your logic.
Great idea!
I may have to try that.

lori vliegen said...

you have an adorable family, wendy!! your monthly family photo is a fabulous idea (i sure wish i had been good at keeping up with that.....i was lucky to get the birthday snapshots!!). thanks for stopping by my blog.....great to see you there!! :))

LJ said...

We're doing something similar this year! Ours is 6x12 (6 people 12 times). I dislike being in photos, but am making sure I'm in at least ONE a month! lol

Mandy said...

Yes.. I definitely see your family growing one way or another one of these days. ;) Love the pics! I try to take pics a lot - but I am awful about ever printing them off. That's my new goal - print! lol

Wendy said...

LJ, I forgot about that!-- and it's a great idea. We really should all get in the picture. I'll try to take one like that for next month.