Tuesday, November 9, 2010

felt gnome or elf hat

Even though we had another GORGEOUS 70+ degree day today in mid-November, I have forced myself to think about presents. Christmas presents.

Seeing as how I don't like to spend money, and I don't enjoy shopping, and I want entirely LESS stuff than I already have, I'm thinking this will be a *mostly-handmade Christmas.

(*"mostly" because my dear Man can't help buying some things that he the kids would enjoy playing with)

My Mom and Mimi gave me tons of fabric and supplies, so it's really only a matter of the time I have to complete things. Starting in mid-November probably wasn't too bright.

Anywho, I grabbed some felt and cut it like this. No pattern. You know I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda seamstress, most of the time (although I DID measure around NatureMan's head, to get the width right.)

The ties, on the left side, are just two strips of fleecy fabric, pulled long.

Here's what you do:

...and then sew those nifty ties on the sides.

I stitched it all together by hand, on the outside, for a "more natural" gnome/elf-hat look.

I need to make each of the kids one before Christmas!

Didn't even clip the threads before taking the picture.

These hats are fast and easy to make, when you're watching a movie, keeping an eye on the kids outside, or riding in a car.

Have fun creating!!
Don't be scared to try different fabric, designs, or stitches. It's easy!


Deborah Jean said...

That elf/gnome hat is way too cute!
You create like I do... when the spirit moves me and with what's on hand! LOVE IT! I love to sew too, but lately all my projects are about paint!
Happy sewing and can't wait to see what else you whip up for your handmade Christmas gifts!

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