Monday, November 15, 2010

the real deal

Short(ish) and Sweet

i do NOT like to shop
i do not enjoy spending unnecessary money
i do not want more plastic and battery-operated toys
i do not enjoy crowds in stores
i have not gone shopping since Halloween. not at all. not even for milk.
My husband is my shopping hero.
i will not be sucked into this holiday feeding frenzy

i will make our gifts
i buy will a few things online
i will celebrate!
we can stay away from singing santas and instead string popcorn soon
and eat together by candlelight
and roast marshmallows in the firepit
we can snuggle with blankets and read books on the couch
instead of waiting outside for hours to get into the right stores

because it really is about relationships
our relationship with God (not to be confused with "religion")
and our relationships with others

not the stuff

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I am so THANKFUL for my little home,
my husband who goes shopping for the basics, lets me take naps, and makes me sit and rest while we watch movies,
and my wonderful parents and Papaw who live in town and help homeschool, babysit, talk about anything and everything, play cards once or twice a week
and the four children who are crazy little monkeys & make me laugh all the time
and my sisters, so sweet and genuine-- real people, not stepford-esque at all
my friends who encourage and help, step forward and back as need be, come to laugh and tell stories, play games, bring coffee
and a God who loves me for who I am, when no one else gets me
who forgives me when i screw up, and opens doors for us to walk through,
and reveals His truths in amazing ways

Yes, it's going to be a good season.


mysteryhistorymom said...

I absolutely loved reading this, Sweets. You are inspiring me to do the same.:) It's soooooo easy to get sucked into the holiday rush and I truly don't want that this year. Big hugs to you.:) Lori

Melissa said...

I have to say, this cracked me up! I normally hate shopping, hate it! But I LOVE to shop on Black Friday. I know, I'm really weird. I think it is because I don't celebrate Xmas, so I don't feel like I am in a rush to find things for people. I'm just looking for myself, and my daughter. But, on any other day of the year, I am totally with you! : )
I love to make gifts for my family for their birthdays and special occasions, and they appreciate it so much more because they know what went into it. Hope all your gifts turn out wonderful!

Arato Girl said...

Love that you feel this way, too! I'd like to discuss it even more. We are staying far away from the holiday madness as well. And I think we've decided on baking cookies for gifts! Looking foward to actually spending some time contemplating my Savior coming into the world this go around, not feeling stressed.

Anonymous said...

I too am avoiding all the holiday madness. I'm making most of our gifts, and bought a few online. No black Friday shopping for me. We will spend Christmas playing games, sharing a meal and enjoying family. :)

sara's art house said...

Awesome! I totally agree! :)

Living Creatively said...

Okay, peeps, my version was shot off in a moment, from mind to paper. And perhaps my darling sister did the same, but her words are more careful, pondering...a fuller explanation of how I feel.
And isn't it wonderful when God draws people to the same spot at the same time, to bask in His love? :)
So,if you get a chance... read this:
Love it, Ames.

Debbie said...

I am a non shopper too... unless I have to shop! I do more of it now with a teen age daughter in the house, but she is a quick and efficient little shopper thank goodness! I fall for more meaningful ways to celebrate too! These days we have to be careful not to clutter our time with too much electronics instead of plastic toys!
Happy Thanksgiving!