Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Thanksgiving Turkey

About a week ago, we made a Thanksgiving turkey. I asked the kids, every morning, to write something that they were blessed with, or a way in which they blessed others.
I want them to have thankful hearts.
I want them to stop and think about what we have, and not just take it for granted.
This warm house, plenty of clothes, two running vehicles, too many toys, shoes,
medical care, enough food, clean water, safety...
this is all they've ever known.
One of TheArtist's quotes,
"I am thankful for my mother and father and brothers.
They are always there for me if I need help."
Love it.
Even though she called me, "mother."
Yet so many children go without,
every day,
sometimes their entire lives.
We're so blessed.
how can we bless others?

My kids started off with things like, "I clean the house for my mom a lot..."
and "I helped Noni watch Owen and Scarlett"
but soon, as they listed their own blessings
of friends
good food
family who loves them,
they started to ask how they could bless others who don't have those things.
And, boy, that's a good question.
I have some ideas, and am praying for more...
and I do believe we'll be making a Blessing Tree for Christmas very soon,
to continue this idea.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and be a blessing to others!


Harmony said...

I think we might have the same feelings on being called "mother"...ugh.
I love that you did this with them. I remember making one myself in about 4th grade (maybe 3rd?). It really should be something done every year to remind ourselves, and to teach our children, that there is more to life than material things. That we shouldn't take for granted the material things we do have. And that we should cherish those we love.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Love the Thanksgiving Turkey! Great idea!