Friday, November 12, 2010

Shooting another pregnant friend

Rochelle and Sage

Like I said before, I have TONS of preggie friends right now, and my gift to them is pictures....with the help of my amazing beautician sister Julie (what pregnant lady doesn't like some pampering)! And, Mom, thanks for lending me your camera. Stinks that mine suddenly broke. :(

Ah, but at least I can still get my kicks with a borrowed Powershot and Photoshop play.

Rochelle is due on Christmas Eve, with her second son. They haven't decided on a name yet, and she asks for ideas almost daily on facebook. ;) Leave her a suggestion!

Isn't she gorgeous?? Seriously, all of my friends could be models.

Shel's son is ridiculously cute (and amazingly well-behaved for a just-turned-3-year-old)

Here he's hanging out with my LittleLad and Julie's Scar-baby.

This is Sage's constipated (fake smile) face. He gets it from his daddy.

And here is his real I'm-a-little-bit-shy smile. I love it!

Shel, You are beautiful, and it was a pleasure to take some pictures of you.


TulipGirl said...

Oooh! I just love that autumnal one on the bridge!

Arato Girl said...

These are so lovely. What a beautiful Mommy and son pair!

And hmmm, since you're getting so much practice, how 'bout a shoot with me and Ran?

Deborah said...

I love these photos - they turned out so wonderful! I need to have some photos taken of my daughter and me soon. She is due in April with her first child (my first grand baby) and I want some pics with her before she has the baby:0