Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little Montessori here and a little Montessori there

Hop over to Modern Montessori Mama, and check out the parenting tips from "Mother Blogs." Yep, I'm featured over there. Apparently I'm more Montessori than I thought! ;) It's funny-- I DO use Montessori methods, and love the learning style, but I don't often stop to consider which categories my methods fall into. We're just doing what works for us, and what we believe is in the best interest of the kids. Montessori and Charlotte Mason score the best, in our book.

Lately, I've been talking more about events and art than about school. Perhaps because I've been doing far less "school" than I have in years. Papaw has officially taken over history and Spanish! Plus he's reading a chapter a day of Anne of Green Gables. It took him awhile to find a classic that we hadn't read, but he managed it. :) I've always loved the Anne books.

The extra time has been amazing. We've been doing more purging, crafting, and dancing at home. I'm kinda lovin' this arrangement!! Not only does he do the lessons, but he also grades them and plans the extra-curricular activities to go along with the lessons (for instance, they've been practicing a play in Spanish, to put on for us.)

I've also had more time in the evening to pursue my interests, now that lesson planning and grading takes a fraction of the time. I only have reading & writing, science and math now. And Bible, but that's not "just another subject." Oh, and Art...which we've been spending much more time on.

May you all have a fairy grandfather to help school your kids!!

Sooo, one of the things I've been working on is making this house more kid-accessible. They already have their plastic cups in a low cupboard, for easy reaching. And my kids' bookshelves are all low, and easy to reach. I purged some of our shoes, and had the kids gather the rest to put back. Nice little shelf, by the playroom entrance, for them to tidy their own sneakers when they come in.

And, yes, my bookcases are still arranged by color. I'm a visual person, and I -always- remember what color the book is. This system makes it much faster for me to find what I'm looking for. Plus, it just looks better! And it's easier for the little ones to reshelve books.

I'm in the process of implementing some other hands-on, easy-to-reach kid areas, Montessori style. The more the kids can do on their own, the more confident they feel. And the less I have to do for them. I'm seriously considering kid-sized cleaning supplies for Christmas this year! :)


Soaring High said...

I love the fairy grandfather statement! You are so blessed and your kids are so blessed and he is so blessed to be such a huge and daily part of your lives. BLessings!!!!!

Jenny said...

You are so blessed to have a grandfather to do this! I hope I can be that kind of grandma. Jenny

Anonymous said...

"The more the kids can do on their own, the more confident they feel. And the less I have to do for them."
Wendy, this is a very important principle that helps lead to maturity. And they in turn can help others and eventually teach others. "Each one teach one" is a time-honored principle that is based on 2 Tim. 2:2 "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." Papaw (Just remember 2-2-2)

Anonymous said...

Wendy said I should give you a link to our blog so here it is. Papaw

Erin said...

Do you mind if I refer to you as my "blog kindred spirit"? :) Occasionally I check in with you and I almost always wish I lived near you :) Please don't think I'm stalking you or anything weird like that :) I just agree with so much you have to say.

My kids had off of school on Tuesday and a book came in at the library that we had on reserve: Sock and Glove. It was perfect timing. (Thanks God.) What I thought was going to be a morning project turned into an all day project. But we do have an elephant and a zebra (actually it turned into a donkey) to show for it. My boys are hoping to finish their monkey and dog friends this weekend. Thank you for posting about that was one that I was excited to try :)

I read Anne of Green Gables to my kids this summer. It was great fun. My 4 yr. old didn't always want to listen, but he would just take his nap during that time. We then watched the movie at the end of the summer. It was fun to hear my kids talk about how they liked the book better :) My oldest daughter then decided to keep reading the series for a homework assignment and has enjoyed it.

I hope you have a nice weekend. And if you see my sis-in-law will you please give her a hug for me?

Thanks ~ Erin Ribble

Mom of 5 said...

Oh, I love that your grandfather is teaching them! That is just good for everyone, you, them, him...and I am a tad bit jealous! haha

Living Creatively said...

I know! My Papaw is such a blessing to me!!

Erin, you can "stalk" my blog anytime. I'm convinced (based on what you and Tob have said) that we'd be great friends if you lived closer. Any chance that you'll move this way? Our winters are much milder than yours!!

And I will give Tob a hug from you when I see her again. I'm hoping she'll make it to the Ladies Firepit Night this weekend. She has a tough life right now...

Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Sock and Glove book. Isn't it fabulous? :D

Colleen @ The Busy Bean said...

I love that you arrange by color. I'm totally visual too. While my shelves aren't by color, they are arranged how I like the look of them. Nobody but me can figure out my system though... I'll have to try your trick for my kids' shelves!

Suzanne said...

I remember laughing about your color-coded bookshelf before, but this time when you mentioned that you can locate your books by color easier - I had an "aha!" moment! I can never find the book I'm looking for, but I remember colors. Very visual here too. I can't tell you street names or the names of anything I buy in the store. But I can tell you what store to turn next to or what color and shape the bottle I'm buying in the grocery store. It makes sense to me!