Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monster Dolls

More Gift Ideas, folks, from a book I love!

Meet my Guest Artist!

This is Cheryl... my Mom.

We affectionately call her "Woman"

(as in Superwoman, naturally)
This is what she is capable of...

This is The ArtistChild's favorite toy ever. One of mine, too.
Who says grown-ups don't need toys?!

Love Big Lipped Betty, below.

If I remember correctly, that one was an original idea.

And, below, is Hungry. His brother, who very much resembles him, is named Silly.
My kiddos are constantly correcting me, when I mix the two up.

He's worn it around for 4 years, and it's held up wonderfully. She makes these toys to LAST.
Yes, a boy's dream come true.
You put your books, toys, rocks, worms, underwear, whatever
IN the monster's mouth, for safe storage.
To empty your treasures, just make the monster vomit-- voila.

And what do you end up with?
A rather rascally monster, with his tongue sticking out and his eyes crossed.
Like I said, perfect for little boys. ;)
This Noni knows what the grandkids like.
Plus she still makes toys for me!


Soaring High said...

Oh my gosh, my boys would love these!

Suzanne said...

BigMan just looked over my shoulder and LOVED these! He just told me "Keep 'em on the internet, Mama." :)

Debbie said...

I loved seeing the " womans" creations! What fun and wild creatures!
Thanks for sharing them with us!
Don't ya just love having a creative mom? I do too!

Harmony said...

I love this posting!! My two favorites are Hungry and the back-pack monster. SO great!!!

sara's art house said...


Sing A Ma Jig said...

Here I am telling you how much I love your blog and can't wait to see more. Congrats on your new addition.

Wendy said...

Those are so cute!

Living Creatively said...

Wendy, you are officially my first same-name commentor! For some reason, this is very exciting to me. There aren't a lot of Wendys in the world.

Arato Girl said...

Mommers is so gifted with these! Priceless! She just made Ran an adorable turle ("Kelpy") and a crazy kitty cat sock creature for me!

Anonymous said... guys!...thanks wendy darling! I ain't as talented as you! love, woman