Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sensory Board and Texture Pictures

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I made a sensory board, based on this kind of board.

This can be used for *toddlers, who are learning to explore with their hands (not just mouths,) or for pre-K and kindergartners, who are paying attention to senses and textures, and learning to describe their environments more precisely.

*obviously with supervision, as objects could get loose and become choking hazards.

1. bubble wrap, pictured below
2. prickly (okay, what do you actually call this thing? I should know that!)
3. burlap
4. stone
5. coarse feather
6. rough side of velcro
7. soft boa feathers
8. soft, smooth side of velcro
9. wax
10. sandpaper
11. wire brush (not glued on yet)
12. fake fur, pictured below

I kept duplicates of each texture aside in a small box, so the kids can match the textures. Of course, this is easy even for my LittleLad, but he still enjoys it! For his age and older (3+) you can blindfold the kids and have them match textures. :) This is a good empathy exercise, too.

(okay, so the glue wasn't even dry under the bubble wrap when I took the pictures. ;) Go ahead, Call me impatient.)

Next up: Texture Pictures.

We were inspired after reading this book.

Just give your kiddos a lot of textures to choose from. I put feathers, bubble wrap, sandpaper, fake fur, foil, etc on the table, along with a stapler, glue and scissors.
Here is NatureMan's picture: Close-up:
And Dash's pictures:

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Soaring High said...

These are great!

Soaring High said...

Like the new look by the way.

Arato Girl said...

Ran WOULD like this!

You're raising such smart, creative kids, Wenders!

Jen ( said...

Very neat! I love the incorporation of the texture into the picture. I might have to do something like that soon for one of our art projects.

When I had a daycare, I had put some textures from scrapbooking paper onto cardboard and made "memory" cards out of it. Flip the piece of cardboard over and see if you can match the textures. Bonus points if you could do it with your eyes closed! It's really amazing all the different textures that are available in scrapbook papers.

Activity Idea Place said...

I love it.. what a great idea!!!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

The textured pictures are great :)

Anonymous said...

very good!

Anonymous said...

very good!