Monday, November 29, 2010

Paper trees

Anyone wonder why we have Christmas trees? After all, the season is about the birth of Christ... and I've never seen any Evergreens shown in the nativity scene.

I look it up every year, it seems.

"The origin of the Christmas tree is obscured by uncertainties of oral histories
of pre-literate European cultures. For example, according to Christian lore, the
Christmas tree is associated with St Boniface and the German town of Geismar.
Sometime in St Boniface's lifetime he cut down the tree of Thor in
order to disprove the legitimacy of the Norse gods to the local German tribe.
St. Boniface saw a fir tree growing in the roots of the old oak. Taking this as
a sign of the Christian faith, he said "...let Christ be at the center of your
households..." using the fir tree as a symbol of Christianity."

The tradition of the Christmas tree as it is today known is fairly young. It was established by Martin Luther as a Protestant counterpart to the Catholic Nativity scene. Luther established the Christmas tree as a symbol of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden."

To read more... Christmas Tree- Wikipedia

We made simple scrapbook paper trees,

decorated with buttons and sequins.

Must show a pic, too, of our lovely mostly-pregnant Cooking Club

They've been growing since last month! Here are 4 of the 6 pregger CC ladies, lined up by due date (and height!)...


Deborah Jean said...

Too fun!
Love your paper Christmas Trees! They look good enough to eat! I just posted a paper Christmas tree post as well along with the book The Solstice Evergreen! Great minds?

Happy Creative Holidays!

Soaring High said...

So cute! We made paper trees today with the kids as well. i have a bunch of sequins, scraps of paper and such that we stuck all over them. Even the 2-year-olds had fun.
I had to laugh at the pregnant pics. I hadn't realized that nearly everyone in your group is pregnant! What a fun pic!

Living Creatively said...

Too funny! It must have been "Paper Tree Day," and we all knew it instinctively! Can't wait to check out the ones you gals did with your kids.

Melinda, the last time we did combined cooking club (two towns) I was the ONLY one there who wasn't pregnant.
To top that off, Fred's sister just announced that she's pregnant again, and my cousin's wife also announced a pregnancy last week. It's a Baby Boom, I tell you!

sara's art house said...

Cute trees!

Kellie said...

LOVE the trees. I think we will be making some of them soon.